If you

  • Understand Thailand’s local online marketplace
  • Have a couple years of professional hands-on experiences crunching large amount of data for business insights
  • Are confident about your practical SQL, and Spreadsheet skills
  • Can program in Python/R or pick it up quickly, don’t let us wait for you!

Optionally, if you also

  • Feel at ease speaking English
  • Are a proactive person with a sense of urgency
  • Love finding ways to solve business problems
  • Enjoy sharing and discussing ideas with others
  • Realize that data analytics involves a lot of mundane tasks and you like finding ways to automate them
  • Have a quantitative or software development background
  • Have some practical experiences with any of the following
    • Other scripting languages for data than Python and R
    • Statistical modeling and machine learning
    • NoSQL databases
    • Big data platforms
  • Have done something you think it is great or have passion in something, please prepare to fascinate us when you come to the interview!

This role involves

  • Being an active thinker of the Data Insights team
  • Initiating or extracting ideas from business stakeholders and using data to help fine-tune the ideas
  • Asking the “right” questions then using data, analytical and coding skills to figure out the answer
  • Presenting findings in a way that could make business impact
  • Researching interesting and practical topics
  • Repeating these activities non-sequentially

, and much more…!

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